Made With Love Behind The Scenes

Who, What and Where

“Inspired by abstract art, nature & multi cultural inspiration, our Creative Director brings each design to life.”

The next step involves working closely with an expert wax worker, ensuring the wax prototype is an immaculate execution of the design. The design specifications and details are then handed over to one of the select skilled artisans that Moushe Designs exclusively works with.
Our artisans have studios situated in the century old Gold Market located in the old-city area of the sprawling metropolis that is Karachi, Pakistan.

“At Moushe Designs we take design, execution and quality of craftsmanship seriously, thus we made a conscious decision to work with a small set of highly discreet & principled artisans located within this historical landmark. “

This colonial-era gold market dates back to the early 19th century, and is almost exclusively presided over by jewellery artisans whose family origins are seeped into the art of jewellery making. They are armed with an unparalleled know how of working with gold and well-guarded trade secrets passed down from generation to generation.
We believe in establishing total authenticity when connecting with our customers, and provide customers with the option of being part of the handcrafted production journey by opting to receive live updates at each stage of production.
Practicing a mindful approach towards our artisans, we maintain ethical and safe production practices at every stage of operation, and ensure that child labour is not involved in any form at all stages of our production