Product Care & Authentication

Product Care & Authentication

What material is used to
produce Moushe jewellery?

12k Gold Vermeil on Sterling Silver:

Our jewellery is made of sterling silver covered in thick gold vermeil. Sweat, direct sunlight, water and perfume can wear off the gold vermeil over time.
To keep your jewellery intact, we recommend taking it off before taking a shower or doing a work out. When not worn, store your Moushe jewellery in the pouch included with your purchase. To keep it sparkling, use a soft cloth to remove any stains. All purchases come with a 1 year warranty post purchase. Please refer to the warranty terms and conditions here.

Limited Edition – 12k Solid Gold:

Solid gold is the least reactive metal and won’t oxidize or discolor. Our 12K gold has a subtle hue and is scratch resistant & durable, making it perfect for day to day wear or even wild partying!

How do we take care of
our jewellery?

TLC is always needed, even for 12K to keep their beauty and patina as long as possible, scrub lightly with a fresh toothbrush and warm water. Make sure to rinse away any excess residue! You can also buff your 12K pieces gently using a jewellery cleaning cloth or the pouch sent with each purchase. Make sure to remove your jewellery before a shower or work out. Store your pieces in a safe, dry place when not worn.

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