The creative force and founder behind the Moushe brand is Nabiha Yousuf. Based in London, with roots in Pakistan, her exposure to the various forms of arts, add cultural dimensions to her thoughts and creativity when it comes to formulating out-of-the-box ideas. Her intrinsic creative core combined with her business background brought to light an open space for her to express herself. Inspired by nature’s perfection, her execution style evolves with her need to perfect the creations she sets her heart and mind to.

“Moushe was created from Nabiha’s own experiences with regard to Jewellery. She took a Problem-Solving approach to establish her own brand… “


With an aim to fill the gap she came across while on the hunt for accessories of her preference. A woman of expressive taste, her choice of jewellery is practicality and functionality intricately incorporated into one-of-a-kind beautiful pieces. She found a lack of multi-functionality in fine jewellery that would fit her preference perfectly.

She utilised the inconvenience of her experiences and created beautiful and unconventional jewellery pieces that are wearable in multiple ways. The wearable art pieces are not made to be stored away, as the the 12k gold vermeil used in her jewellery creates timeless appeal, ensuring durability. She solved the setbacks encountered by her, and proudly represents herself as the creator of Moushe.