To avoid excess wastage of material, energy and manpower , we decided against producing high volumes of pieces. For us, a better way to make use of our resources is to go inventory less! We believe that keeping countless scores of stock, adversely impacts the environment. We acknowledge that although this route may not be the most convenient, It is for the greater good. As much as we would be delighted to deliver your items in a wink, do bear with us and support us in our endeavour to reduce carbon footprint in any way we can.


Although the main purpose behind every Moushe Design is truly an artistic expression, however, with the changing times we have incorporated where possible, sustainability in our designs.

To highlight this further, every piece from our signature collection i.e. “The Wheel of Fortune” is wholly dedicated to this very purpose.

We have made it possible for you to wear each jewellery piece in more ways than one, with options for several configurations. Thus giving each piece in this collection timeless appeal.

Upcycled Packaging

To reduce waste is an important goal for us, as we care about our environment. For this reason, all our packaging is completely up-cycled, and recyclable, using only paper and no plastics. Our boxes are entirely handmade but are sturdy enough to be reused as storage for your purchases. Our packaging partner is a small, artisanal family-owned business by the name of PAPERWORKS, situated close by to our artisanal jewellery workshop.