Wheel of Fortune Pendant

Made in sterling silver, available in yellow or rose gold vermeil covered in cubic zirconia on one side.A two-faced pendant that can be worn...
from Rs.6,500.00

Fortune of Wealth Pendant

The Dice serving as a symbol of wealth and prosperity on the wheel of fortune. Roll the dice and wear your fortune on your...
Rs.27,000.00 from Rs.23,000.00

Fortune of Beauty Pendant

Delicately handcrafted in sterling silver and covered in rose gold vermeil, with a single pink cubic zirconia set in the center. Can be worn...
Rs.21,000.00 from Rs.19,000.00

Fortune of Creativity Pendant

The dice is symbolic of abundance, opens doors to wealth and creativity for its wearer, created in sterling silver with a yellow gold vermeil...
Rs.29,000.00 from Rs.25,000.00

Fortune of Love Pendant

The fortune of love symbolised as a heart made in sterling silver and covered in yellow gold vermeil, is set in sparkling cubic zirconia....
Rs.27,000.00 from Rs.21,000.00

Fortune of Protection Pendant

The spiral symbolises protection on the wheel of fortune. Providing its wearer with Protection from any negative and dark energy around. Made in sterling...
Rs.27,000.00 from Rs.25,000.00

Equinox Pendant

This layered otherworldly coin-sized pendant symbolises the alignment of the sun, moon & stars, delicately handcrafted in sterling silver and covered in rose gold...
Rs.22,000.00 from Rs.19,500.00
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